How to become a traveller

Travelling is fun and exciting as you explore different destinations worldwide. The first step to become a traveller is to pick out a destination and then plan on how to travel from one place to another. This will involve selecting a budget, select the transportation that you’ll need, find out about visas and passports, etc. The following are some simple measures that have made travelling from one place to another relatively easy:

Step-1. Now your main concern would be how to reach your destination and how to pass through various security checkpoints? Here comes the third step to become a traveller and that is to choose a residential address in a foreign land where you can stay for at least fourteen days. You can also get a work permit if you have already acquired your first Canadian passport or have plans to travel to Canada in the near future. As long as you have your family in Canada, you can freely work in Canada for fourteen days as long as they reside in your residence.

Step-2. Plan how to travel from one place to another. You can get from point A to point B using either road or rail. There are many ways to travel within Canada. Here are just some of them:

A traveller can opt for a four-unit apartment as well as a private bus service, wherein they can travel between points A to B without hassle. They can get a ride from any of their multiple residences to points C to D and stay there for four units or more if they wish. However, if they wish to spend most of their time in Canada, they can take a ferry from Cape Breton Island and then travel by road to points E to G.

Another option for the four-unit accommodation is with a religious establishment. There are many temples and mosques that have official homes that are used by travellers. These accommodation buildings usually have a designated house for dhuhr (meditation) that is available for use by people from all walks of life. In most cases, these houses have prayer rooms where travellers can do their meditation until they feel sleepy.

If you wish to go to a temple or mosque but cannot afford to purchase a house or apartment, you can always avail of an inexpensive room in a hotel where you can do your prayer. The hotel may even allow you to use its prayer room during your free time. This is also one way of fulfilling your desire to travel to Canada by spending only 14 days.

For travellers who intend on using four units or hotels to accommodate their prayers, there are many establishments that provide services to cater to these needs. Most of these hotels and motels have four-room suites or apartments with attached bathrooms. The bathroom facilities are generally clean and well-maintained. They also provide televisions and internet access for those who wish to have some reading or entertainment while doing their dhuhr. Some of these accommodations have private balconies that provide a nice view of the natural surroundings. Those who live here can also benefit from special dispensations from the management to break their fasts or rest between prayer sessions.

For those who intend to travel to places where Islam is not practiced, or to areas where people do not follow the religion, there are a number of accommodations that cater to these needs as well. These special dispensations do not require you to dedicate a specific room or apartment for this purpose. Many travellers make use of these special accommodations for their stay in cities and countries where non-Muslims or other travellers would expect to find non-Muslim enclaves.


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